Recurring Payments

Never forget a payment deadline now. Automate your user's payments today using our Recurring payments module integration via UPI.


Recurring Payments

Recurring payments allow payment for goods and services over time. A single payment authorization structures a payment relationship between your business and your customers—or between businesses—on an ongoing structured basis.

UPI Supported

The most advanced mobile payment system is integrated and ready to use. Start charging your customers using UPI today and reduce the long on-boarding process. Fastest peer-to-peer payment system built on secure banking network.


Reduce the scope of your PCI-DSS risk and increase your payments security. Every recurring payment is now authorised by the user from his comfort of mobile apps. No banking details is ever recorded in the transactions.

Grow Revenue with Subscriptions

Create new business models and generate new revenue streams through subscription services or goods purchased via installment payments.

Smart Contract Support

Smart Contracts in place record every transaction for easier audit and tracebility of funds for your organisation and customers secured with encrypted data. All data is tamper proof due to the presence of blockchain and securely uploaded on the distributed database.

Progress based Pay-outs

Configure Smart contracts to determine the pay-outs based on the progress made. Most suitable for organisational salary, tender payments, etc.

Where can you use:


Get smart contract supported insurance for all your belongings.


Rent apartment, furniture, services all with single click.

Tuition Fee

Single click pay tuition fee with utmost ease.

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